Season schedule

2014 Calendar





8th and 9th Available   5th & 6th Motorcycle Lapping Days
14th Test Day   12th & 13th Available
15th & 16th  Available   19th & 20th Available
22nd & 23rd Kart   26th & 27th  COMMA/HST #5
29th & 30th COMMA/HST #1  




    2nd & 3rd Hallett Race School
4th SCCA Test Day   9th  & 10th Available
5th & 6th SCCA   16th & 17th KART
11th CVAR Test Day   23rd & 24th COMMA/HST #6
12th & 13th CVAR Mike Stephens Classic 30th & 31st Motorcycle Appreciation Days
19th & 20th Motorcycle Lapping Days  


26th & 27th COMMA/HST #2   5th thru 7th BMW


    12th & 13th Miatas@Hallett
3rd & 4th PCA Mayfast   14th 


9th thru 11th SW Corvette CC   21st and 22nd Motorcycle Lapping Day
16th thru 18th  CMRA   27th & 28th COMMA/HST #7
24th & 25th COMMA/HST #3  


29th thru June 1st Xtreme Xperience   3rd thru 5th PCA Octoberfast


    10th CVAR Test Day
1st Xtreme Xperience   11th & 12th CVAR Thunder on the Cimarron
7th & 8th Motorcycle Lapping Days   18th & 19th World Racing League
11th thru 14th Mid-America Ford   25th & 26th COMMA/HST #8
15th  Hallett Race School   31st thru Nov. 2nd Gold Rush
20th  Test day for NASA  


21st & 22nd Texas NASA   1st & 2nd Motorcycle Lapping Day
28th and 29th  COMMA/HST #4   7th, 8th & 9th Gold Rush
      14 -16th HST Only Event/ Audi
      20th thru 23rd Xtreme Xperience