About the School

About the School

Hallett Racing School is owned by Connie and Scott Stephens and is located at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. Your training venue is known as one of the most challenging, yet safest in the country.  With 80 feet of elevation change and blind corners it has been said that if you can master Hallett you can race anywhere. 


Completion of your course can be used as experience toward licensing in several sanctioning bodies. Hallett Race School is the very best training value anywhere in the country.  Most schools charge more than our all-inclusive price to teach you how to drive your own car, burning your fuel and destroying your tires and brakes.  If your car breaks in their school, too bad.  High performance driver education is very hard on equipment.  The exercises we force our cars to endure could easily cost one-half the school price in maintenance costs to your normal street car.  Our expert technicians spend many hours preparing our Spec Racer Fords for each school to insure you spend your time on the track and not in the pits. 


Our instructors are carefully chosen to provide you with the best learning experience and most track time possible. Classes are between three minimum and five maximum students with one or two instructors. All of the Hallett Race School lead instructors are skilled in their craft; some travel in from out-of-state.  They instruct at Hallett and other tracks for popular sanctioning bodies such as N.A.S.A., PCA, SCCA and COMMA.

The Cars:

Hallett Race School uses our fleet of Spec Racer Ford open-wheeled mid engine race cars.  Powered by a 1.9 liter in-line four cylinder mated to a five-speed manual transmission in a lightweight chassis. These cars are perfect for training.  Our cars can be rented to race in our COMMA series and are competitive with privately owned Spec Racer Fords. Each car is well maintained between each use; there is seldom a mechanical issue during an event.

What is included:

EVERYTHING!!! The car, the proper safety equipment, fuel and fluids, tires, lunch, instruction, on track experience and a framed certificate upon successful completion.  Our track photographer will customize a DVD that features you on track, in the winner's circle, etc for an additional $80 with many photos, in car video and slow motion video.  

What to expect:

When your deposit is received you will receive a DVD to study prior to arrival.  This maximizes your track time. Early the morning of your first day you will arrive to find the cars stripped of their bodywork.  You will choose a car and our crew will adjust the pedals and seat for optimal driving position and cockpit orientation.  You will then be taken to the drivers' lounge where you will be fitted for a driving suit, helmet and gloves.  To insure familiarity with the DVD you will have a short class with our lead instructor. You will then be driven around the track to familiarize you with Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. Our technicians will strap you in your car and your exercises begin.  By now your heart may be racing and you may forget to breathe. You will be sweating profusely.  At this time you are just following the leader at a snail's pace.  By the end of the day you will be speeding around the track at or near race pace.  The entire day your skill and excitement grows.  It is an extreme experience you will never forget. There are two reasons we recommend you do not leave directly from the track for a long trip home.  First, your elevated heart rate throughout the day can cause some fatigue. Second, highway speeds will seem like you are traveling much slower than your actual speed, which can lead to traffic violations.