Race School

What the Hallett Race School Does

The Hallett Race School provides new and experienced drivers with race and high performance driver education that can be used to advance their racing skills and also toward licensing in various licensing organizations throughout the nation, including Hallett Motor Racing Circuit's very own COMMA series. By offering an “All-Inclusive” package, the Hallett Race School provides students with everything they need and removes unnecessary worries about having the right equipment. 

Our expert technicians spend hours preparing our fleet of Spec Racer Ford Gen 2s to ensure you spend your time on track driving and in the classroom learning instead of worrying about wear and tear on your own vehicle.

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Race School Program

The Hallett Race School provides eager students with a race car, appropriate safety equipment that includes helmet and race suit if necessary, fuel and fluids, tires, lunch, classroom and on-track instruction, a framed certificate upon successful completion, and photography services by our house photographer. Class sizes are limited to three to five students to maximize track time and learning.

Students of the Hallett Race School exclusively drive expertly prepared Spec Racer Ford (SRF) Gen 2 mid-engine race cars. Each SRF features a robust 1.9L four-cylinder engine mated to five-speed manual transmission in a lightweight chassis that has evolved over many years of competition and training. 

Hallett Race School instructors have gone through rigorous training and have extensive experience. Instructors have won SCCA regional and national races and championships. Each has instructed at Hallett previously and at other tracks sanctioned by the SCCA, NASA, Porsche Club of America, and COMMA. Because race school classes are limited to three to five students, instructors are able to spend valuable one-on-one time discussing the details of driver development.

Attendance at the Hallett Race School costs $1,600.

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What to Expect

Students should expect challenges, rewards, camaraderie, and an experience they’ll never forget. For the low cost of $1,600, here’s what a typical one-day school schedule may look like:

One-Day School Schedule (APPROXIMATE times listed):

8:30-9AM                    Classroom
9-10AM                       Drive around with Instructor
10-10:15AM                Break
10:15-10:45AM           Group lead-around session (pre-arranged passing only)
10:45-11:15AM           Q&A & discussion
11:15-11:45AM           Open practice session
Noon                           Lunch provided
1:15-1:45PM               Open practice session, individual lead/follow
1:45-2:15PM               Q&A, critique, lap-time review, rolling start briefing
2:15-2:45PM               Practice green-flag starts, mock race / open practice session
3:15-3:45PM               On track, bragging & excuses, lap-time review
4PM                            Mike Stephens Winners' Circle photos & graduation
5PM                            Class dismissed.

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Additional Details

Successful participants will receive a Certificate Of Completion and photos and movie clips of the days sessions usually within 14 days via USPS.

Gift Certificates are available - great for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, holidays, etc.

Corporate and team-building events, private lessons, private parties.

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