HMRC COVID-19 Update 1

HMRC COVID-19 Update

Dear Hallett Motor Racing Circuit Family, 

As a family-owned company, the health and well being of our extended family (customers, staff, and vendor partners) remains one of our highest priorities. We realize how important leadership is in changing and ambiguous times and we will consistently be communicating with you our efforts to keep everyone visiting the track healthy and well.

Considering the evolving global situation, we want to share with you some of the additional steps we are taking to protect the HMRC family and keep your experience at the track safe and enjoyable:

  • We are OPEN for business – based on guidance received from business, disaster recovery specialists, and medical professionals; we have taken steps to keep our track and cafe clean and safe. Specifically:
    • As an important service to event attendees and track staff, the Finish Line Café is scheduled to be open for upcoming events.
    • The Finish Line Café is providing the option for ordering from the menu by phone (918.428.6647) with back-door order pick up.  For interior dining, we are spacing tables and chairs.
    • Café staff will continue to practice safe food handling techniques. 
    • HMRC staff, including the Finish Line Café, are healthy, and do not display any unwell symptoms.
    • All interior restaurant surfaces on the first floor of the Tower will be disinfected every hour.
    • All HMRC staff, including the Finish Line Café, have been directed to stay home should they feel unwell.
    • HMRC requests that event organizing staff members and participants remain home should they feel unwell. 
    • HMRC features multiple “Sanitization Stations” on the first floor of the Tower and in the Paddock bathrooms. 
    • HMRC bathrooms will be regularly cleaned and stocked with sufficient supplies of hand soap.  There is hand sanitizer in all portajohns.

Everyone at HMRC values our relationship with you. Our track offers a unique opportunity to develop meaningful relationships in extraordinary ways. We spend time with each other in the pits and paddock talking about our favorite subject: driving or riding at the track. We spend time with others wrenching on vehicles to make it to the next session. We all can still enjoy these experiences that make life meaningful and important while respecting the recommended social distance of six feet.

We remain a family and we are committed to serving you and making your time at HMRC worthwhile.

Thank you,

HMRC Management




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