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HMRC COVID-19 Update 4

HMRC COVID-19 Update

Dear Hallett Motor Racing Circuit Family,

As a result of the recent surge in COVID-19 positive cases across the country and new city and state ordinances that are attempting to combat the introduction and spread of the disease, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (HMRC) will be adopting new health standards that reflect these ordinances. We intend to be consistent with these public health policies to aid in keeping everyone that visits the track as safe and healthy as possible.

Beginning immediately, in order to protect oneself and also avoid unknowingly infecting other HMRC visitors, anyone visiting HMRC will be required to:

  • Either wear facial masks in indoor areas unless exempted by CDC guidelines (medical condition, under 18 years of age, etc.), or;
  • Maintain Social Distancing of six (6) feet between persons who are not part of the same household while in a public setting. 

To continue to promote a safe and healthy environment, HMRC encourages visitors to:

  • Maintain good hygiene, which includes frequent hand washing.
  • Use available washbasins and alcohol based hand sanitizer that have been placed in indoor facilities.
  • Stay home if not feeling well.

Visitors should realize that external organizations leasing the HMRC facility may have additional requirements for their specific event. Please see the leasing organization’s website or contact them for more details regarding their event.

More than ever, HMRC is proud of the steps taken to safeguard the health and safety of our visitors and will continue to work on that goal for as long as necessary. HMRC remains committed to serving you and making your time at “Your Home Track” worthwhile.

Thank you,

HMRC Management


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