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May 10th, 2021

(Tulsa, OK) – Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (HMRC) is proud to announce CalltoGrid as a new sponsor of HMRC, which includes display signage, website banners, and public address announcements that market their full line of everything you need to be successful at the track. By sponsoring the historic track, CalltoGrid hopes to serve HMRC’s growing driver and spectator audience.

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, CalltoGrid is proud of their sponsorship of HMRC and hopes to support HMRC’s audience and the surrounding area by offering track focused video content, the latest products for the car and driver from well established brands like Bell, Simpson, Aria, Alpinestars, Longacre, Intercomp, ATS Suspension, and their own branded line of apparel.

Nestled in the Osage Hills, 35 miles west of Tulsa, OK, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit stands as one of the most challenging and historic racecourses in America with a vibrant community that celebrates passion for automobiles and motorcycles. For over 40 years, HMRC has hosted professional and amateur racing events, major car manufacturers, automobile and motorcycle clubs, and is renowned for the scenic beauty of the track’s rolling hills and winding tarmac. Hallett Motor Racing Circuit now offers a variety of opportunities to help companies gain exposure, drive sales, and build their brand.

CalltoGrid joins Hallett Motor Racing Circuit’s valuable sponsors, which include Boomtown Inn, ER Associates, Holiday Inn Sand Springs, Joe’s Hallett Grocery, Parkhill’s Liquors and Wine, Rib Crib, RS Autohaus, and the Victorian Inn.

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