High Speed Touring


High Speed Touring (HST) at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is your chance to drive your car on a real road race course.

So you’ve got a really neat performance car – vintage, modern, exotic or one of the many sporty performance tuner coupes and sedans that are in vogue. And maybe you frequently experience frustrations because you can never really open-up your car to the spirited driving for which you think you and your car are capable. Fear of traffic citations, your reputation, your wife/parents, etc. keep your urge to drive at speed in check. Are you really wanting to be an on-track driver and not just a spectator, but maybe not quite ready for wheel-to-wheel racing? Then the HST series is for YOU! It’s great fun for all motor heads AND you can afford it…read on…

HST lets YOU, at modest cost, get lots of seat-time by lapping, AT SPEED, in performance-oriented STREET CARS! It’s easy to qualify you and your car for HST lapping at the Hallett Circuit. Here’s the deal: You must become a member of Hallett High Speed Touring Club ($50 once a year). ANY street-legal car (excluding SUVs, trucks, wagons, vans except by specific permission) can be used WITHOUT normal race prep…no roll cage, no driving suit, no prior competition driving experience are required for this non-race series. Convertibles must have factory or aftermarket roll bar protection to participate in HST. (Minimum 18 years of age to drive in HST)

You’ll receive FIVE 15-minute on-track sessions for Early Entry discounted rate of $175/day if registered at least 2 weeks before each event, or $200/day less than 2 weeks prior to event . If it is your first time to drive on the Hallett track in this DIRECTION (CW or CCW) in the HPDE series, you are REQUIRED to sign up for the DE student group at least 2 days in advance to read materials in confirmation email (addl $75 fee included in registration fee). 

  • Friday – Arrive by 8:00 am and sign waivers @ admission gate.
  • Saturday/Sunday – Arrive by 7:00 am and sign waivers @ admission gate.
  • Report to 2nd floor classroom for MANDATORY driver meeting for ALL HST drivers.
  • On 1st visit each year, Bring your completed annual self-tech sheet with your helmet for inspection.
  • Begin on track sessions ~ 9:00 am FRIDAY, 8:00 am SATURDAY/SUNDAY rotating though HST/COMMA racer groups. See schedule attached to each event for more details.

You must have factory seat belts, wear a 2015 or newer Snell-approved safety helmet (rentals are available) and wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants and closed-toe shoes while you drive on track for YOUR safety.  Driver must have a car # on both driver & passenger side front doors at least 8″ tall (we recommend blue or yellow painter tape). 

That’s it…MAX FUN – DRIVE YOUR DREAM! And FREE photos available to download at link on bottom of website homepage!

2022 Schedule:  (No Drivers Education (DE) group on Sundays)

Registration will open soon for all events below!

Round 1.  March 25-27 (CCW)

Round 2.  April 29-May 1 (CCW)

Round 3.  June 24-26 (CW)

Round 4.  July 29-31 (CCW)

Round 5.  August 26-28 (CCW)


Round 6.  September 23-25 (CW)

**Click here for Round 6 Schedule**

Round 7. October 28 (CCW)

Cancellation Policy effective 1/1/2022:

  • Cancellation requests received at least 2 weeks prior to event, will receive 100% account credit or refund.
  • Cancellation requests received less than 2 weeks but greater than 1 week prior to event, will receive 75% account credit or refund.
  • Cancellation requests received less than week prior to event, will receive 50% account credit or refund.
  • No credit or refund for no-show or after you go on track.
  • HMRC Account Credits will expire at the end of the year following the credit.  (for example, a credit issued on 4/1/2021 will expire 12/31/2022.
  • Event will run Rain or Shine!

Downloadable Forms:

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