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Located within the rolling hills and twisting tarmac of Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (HMRC), the Hallett Race Shop is a full service automotive and mechanic facility that specializes in the preparation, maintenance, and support of race cars and performance vehicles. Whether you need a full Spec Racer Ford (SRF) Generation Three build, a corner balance, race coaching, or trackside support, the Hallett Race Shop can get you up to speed with professional service and support.

As one of the few Sports Car Club of America’s (SCCA) Enterprises’ Customer Service Representatives, the Hallett Race Shop is uniquely positioned to build, maintain, and support your SRF, race car, or performance vehicle. The Hallett Race Shop can handle your specific motorsports needs with a facility of over 5,600 square feet of workspace, expert technicians, multiple working bays, and an unsurpassed level of experience. 


The Hallett Race Shop is owned by the Stephens family and led by Scott Stephens, who has over 30 years in the motorsports industry. Scott has worked with his family and expert technicians to build the Hallett Race Shop as one of the nation’s best facilities in providing expert care of race cars and performance vehicles. They have successfully campaigned open and closed wheel race cars from Pro Formula Mazdas and Spec Miatas to SRFs and Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars. 

During this time, the Hallett Race Shop’s list of services have evolved from basic maintenance to advanced major and minor repair, set-up, preparation, transportation, coaching, trackside service, tire installation, “Arrive & Drive” programs, and much more. For over 30 years, the Hallett Race Shop has helped new and seasoned drivers fulfill their track ambitions.

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Scott Stephens (Owner and Race Shop Manager)

Zachary Dressler (Lead Mechanic) 

Alan Deininger (Mechanic) 

Ken Trypkos (Trackside Specialist)

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Working with the latest material and fabrication techniques, the Hallett Race Shop can address most composite body repairs for your race and performance vehicle. The Hallett Race Shop has helped in the repair of hundreds of SRF and race car bodies and can help you with your project.

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One of the most important aspects of race and performance car set-up is static weight distribution and cross-weight percentages. To help ensure good handling and increase performance, the Hallett Race Shop offers alignment and corner-balancing services for your race or performance vehicle using the best and most reliable equipment. 

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The ability to acquire, display, and log vital vehicle measurements and driving technique has become increasingly important to drivers of every skill level. The Hallett Race Shop has configured and installed data acquisition systems of almost every type and can help you install a system that can assist you gaining a performance advantage.

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The Hallett Race Shop has access to some of the best fabrication and highest skilled services in the nation. From repairing damaged race cars to repairing composite Spec Race Ford (SRF) bodies, the Hallett Race Shop can assist in getting your race car or performance vehicle up to speed.

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Our experienced technicians can provide an in-depth pre-purchase inspection on your potential race car or track vehicle. Our customer first approach features meaningful insights, potential problem areas, and any recommendations we have to equip you with the knowledge to make the most informed buying decision possible. Make time sensitive race car and track vehicle buying decisions and conduct negotiations with confidence by having the Hallett Race Shop inspect your race vehicle inspection.

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The Hallett Race Shop can prepare and set-up your race vehicle by examining, repairing, installing, and tuning the vehicle’s chassis, engine and drivetrain, suspension and brakes, safety equipment, and make recommendations for future race events.

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Our expert staff has literally mounted and balanced thousands of tires over the years and you benefit from that extensive experience. The Hallett Race Shop can mount your low profile, stiff sidewall, R-compound, slick race, or performance tires without damaging lightweight wheels. The Hallett Race Shop enjoys a strong relationship with Hoosier and Goodyear tires (and can acquire almost all tires) so you can buy the tires and get them mounted and balanced with confidence in one place.

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If you enjoy the purity of driving and focusing on your performance at the track and are not interested in doing your own mechanical work, the Hallett Race Shop offers trackside service that includes trouble shooting, suspension tuning, mechanical repair, or data acquisition. This service represents the ideal opportunity to maximize track time in a well-prepared car in a calm and relaxed environment. Visualize entering your paddock spot and having someone else work on your car while you relax and think about gaining time in the track’s toughest corner.

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After your car is set-up to perform at its maximum, the Hallett Race Shop can help you hone your driving skill and coach you to achieve your potential. The Hallett Race Shop employs championship and race winning drivers that regularly teach race school students so you can be sure you will learn from experienced, enthusiastic, and student-focused educators. Driving instruction is tailored to each individual student’s skill level and interest.  

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The Hallett Race Shop specializes in the diagnosis, inspection, and repair of Spec Racer Ford (SRF) transmissions. From catastrophic failure requiring a full rebuild to “it just doesn’t feel right” that may necessitate a simple adjustment, the Hallett Race Shop is able to fix and maintain your SRF transmission so that you can focus on racing your car.

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