Motorcycle Lapping Days



Would you like to improve your riding skills? Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (HMRC) has developed a program designed to improve your skills while safely testing the limits of your motorcycle. All first-time Hallett Motorcycle Lapping Day (MLD) riders must participate in HART (Hallett Advanced Rider Training) to ensure you get a safe introduction to our race track with expert instructor assistance. You must become a member of Hallett MLD program to participate ($5 once a year).  For 2024 season, Bison is awarding each HART student graduate with $100 Bison Bucks! AND Motorex is offering 40% discount to all HART/Novice participants!

HART Exception: If you have a current race license, bring it with you. HART requirement can be waived at sign-in and you can ride in the advanced group (Note: Riders with novice racing license should contact our office at 918-356-4814 before registering to determine the correct group based on individual experience level & lapping day rules for this event). If you are an experienced track rider WITHOUT a race license, we still want you to attend HART; our instructors will determine the appropriate group for your level of experience very quickly. With an instructor’s approval, you may transfer to the intermediate or the advanced group throughout the day.

Motorcycle Lapping Day: Rules of the Road

Motorcycle Requirements    

  • Good tires
  • No fluid leaks
  • Tape or remove: turn signals, mirrors, brake light, headlight, rear pegs
  • Be sure your oil cap is tight (or wired)
  • Chain & sprockets in good condition
  • Nothing loose or falling off bike
  • A number is required on your bike at least 5″ tall on both sides (Vinyl numbers for sale in Hallett Souvenir Store… 2 numbers for $5).

Rider’s Gear

  • DOT approved full-face helmet that is less than 5 years old and has not been crashed
  • Full leathers preferred (HMRC has rental leathers available for $50/day) – see size chart below
  • Two-piece leathers acceptable (HMRC has rental leathers available for $50/day) – see size chart below
  • Textile suit with armor acceptable
  • Full back protector (neck to tailbone) (HMRC has a few rentals available for $20/day)
  • Over-the-ankle boots (tall riding boots recommended)
  • Gloves (that cover wrists)

The HART Track Introduction & Rider Training Program

Our program is primarily designed to improve street riding skills by introducing the advantage of track instruction, enhanced by classroom sessions. Our curriculum takes a multifaceted approach, with an instructor-based program designed for all levels of riders’ expertise.

Our program’s focus is on the typical motorcycle street rider who is interested in exploring and expanding the potential of their equipment and ability. Although many of our participants have track experience, the novice group is separated to allow for individual instruction without the worries of a speed differential of faster and/or more experienced riders.

As our focus is on the typical street rider, our team of professional riding instructors is comprised of street-oriented riders, who have cumulatively logged over a million miles. Moreover, these “street instructors” are track proficient as well as highly qualified coaches who have logged thousands of track miles as motorcycle riding and safety instructors. There is no safer place to discover new techniques than at Hallett, the track with a HART! AND For 2024 season, Bison is awarding each HART student graduate with $100 Bison Bucks! AND Motorex is offering 40% discount to all HART/Novice participants!

Also…..Advanced, Racing level coaching is available now – If you would like to hire Dewayne Davis at his HOME TRACK as an advanced racing coach to work with you at these MLD days, please contact our office @ 918-356-4814 for details.

Basic Course Outline

  • Appropriate lines
  • Line of vision
  • Body position
  • Throttle management
  • Smooth shifting and braking
  • Counter-steering vs. body-steering
  • How to avoid panic reactions
  • Safety equipment

2024 SCHEDULE Motorcycle Lapping Days & HART Rider Training:  

Round 1.  Mar 9-10 (SAT/SUN) – CCW

Round 2.  Mar 30-31 (SAT/SUN) – CCW

Round 3.  June 1-2 (SAT/SUN) – CCW

Round 4.  July 6-7 (SAT/SUN) – CCW/CW

Round 5.  August 24-25 (SAT/SUN) – CCW

Round 6. September 28-29 (SAT/SUN) – CCW

Round 7.  October 19-20 (SAT/SUN) – CCW/CW

Spring/Fall Hours: March-May and Sept-Nov (Gates open 7am) Rider Meeting 8:30, on Track @ 9:00

Summer Hours: June-July-August (Gates open 6:30am) Rider Meeting 7:30, on Track @ 8:00

Run Groups & Entry Fees:

  • HART Rider Training group: $245/day if register at least 1 week before event, then track fee is $260/day (includes instructor fees)
    • (HART Required for 1st time at HMRC each direction CW/CCW, unless valid race license)
  • Novice: $215/day if register at least 1 week before event, then $230/day (includes instructor fees)
  • Intermediate or Advanced: $195/day if register at least 1 week before event, then $210/day

Registration Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation requests received greater than 1 week prior to event, will receive 75% account credit or refund.
  • Cancellation requests received less than week prior to event, will receive 50% account credit or refund.
  • No credit or refund for no-show or after you go on track.
  • HMRC Account Credits will expire at the end of the year following the credit.  (for example, a credit issued on 4/1/2024 will expire 12/31/2025)
  • If HMRC cancels the event due to extreme weather conditions that will affect the entire day, 100% will be automatically credited to your HMRC account for future use. 100% refund instead, if requested.

Downloadable Forms: