Track Rules

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

List of “DOs” for Everyone

Enjoy responsibly.  Please respect our rules and be kind to one another.

#1. Supervise minors at all times and make sure children/young adults understand these rules.

#2. Keep all asphalt roadways in paddock clear for Emergency vehicles.

#3. All pets should be kept on a leash and attended by a responsible keeper at all times unless they are left in a safe & properly secured in a vehicle for the safety of your pet, our racers, and any spectators.  The Martin Park playground is only for children supervised by adults, not for pets.  Properly dispose of any “messes” created by your pets.

#4.  Small personal vehicles (2, 3, and 4-wheeled bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, etc.) can be used around paddock with proper seating capacity.  Users of such vehicles in the paddock areas must use extreme caution and strictly obey speed limits.  Any operators of such vehicles who do not have a valid state operator’s permit must be under the direct supervision of an adult.  Except on the racing track surface, the speed limit for all vehicles on Hallett track property is 10 MPH.  They are not permitted in the hot or cold (pre-grid) pits or on the track during races/lapping (except for use of authorized officials).  

#5. Waste oil and other petroleum-based liquid must ONLY be placed in disposal collection containers at the track fuel station.

#6. Respect others and honor the noise curfew.  Loud activities or running racing engines are NOT permitted anywhere on HMRC property between the hours of 10PM and 7AM.

#7. The electric service jacks/boxes with 110 plug-ins located throughout the paddock area are for the temporary and casual use of the customer (e.g. personal computer, small fan, cell phone).  The 30amp/50amp plug-ins for heavy power use such as electric service to trucks, vans, trailers, motor homes, electric vehicles, golf carts etc. do require purchase on the 1st floor of tower.  PLEASE pay for your Hallett electric within 5 minutes of plugging in.  You are also permitted to run a generator, which requires a muffler and functionality within reasonable levels of sound.

#8. Avoid Restricted Areas: 

  • Crossover roads and gates around racetrack are ONLY for Emergency vehicle use.  Participants/spectators should cross over racetrack at main gate entrance.
  • Stay off the track unless it is your scheduled time to practice/race and certainly stay off the track after the event is over (unless you have received special permission from track management).
  • No persons are permitted to be on the roof of the Tower.
  • Access to the 3rd floor facilities of the tower is only by special pass, ticket or invitation.
  • The areas South and West of turn six (T6) through turn ten (T10) area, known as the Moto-X track are EXCLUDED from use (except the turn 7 grandstands).

#9. All promotional/advertising signs, banners, etc. at HMRC must be submitted to track officials for approval.And again remember: 

“If you think something might not be allowed, you are probably right.”