HMRC INEX Sanctioning


June 11, 2020

(Tulsa, OK) – Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (HMRC) is proud to announce official race sanctioning from INEX, the 3rd largest short track racing sanctioning body in the world. Created in 1995 to advance, organize, and sanction Legend Car racing all over the world, INEX has rapidly expanded to include more than 3,500 drivers, 2,500 racers, and 300 race tracks. 

INEX drivers competing at HMRC, while in compliance with the sanctioning body’s technical regulations, will be awarded INEX points according to their position relative to other INEX participants though Competition Motorsport Association (COMMA) racers may be competing at the same time. For instance, INEX competing drivers may finish as third, fifth, and seventh in the field but will be awarded as first, second, and third for INEX. HMRC hopes that INEX sanctioning will increase field size by drawing competitors from all over the US and establish HMRC as the home to the best Legend Car road course racing in America.

Using the website and Social Media channels, INEX regularly releases updated technical bulletins, rule changes, and safety notifications to race organizers and competitors. HMRC and INEX remain dedicated to the highest standards of safety and cost-containment, which forms the basis of rule interpretation and enforcement while maintaining the fun and family environment both organizations are known for around the world.

Nestled in the Osage Hills, 35 miles west of Tulsa, OK, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit stands as one of the most challenging and historic racecourses in America with a vibrant community that celebrates passion for automobiles, motorcycles, and karting. For over 40 years, HMRC has hosted professional and amateur racing events, major car manufacturers, automobile and motorcycle clubs, and is renowned for the scenic beauty of the track’s rolling hills and winding tarmac. 


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