High Speed Touring

About the High-Speed Touring Series:

High Speed Touring at Hallett is your chance to drive your car on a real road race course at an affordable cost.

So you've got a really neat performance car - vintage, modern, exotic or one of the many sporty performance tuner coupes and sedans that are in vogue.   And maybe you frequently experience frustrations because you can never really open-up your car to the spirited driving for which you think you and your car are capable.  Fear of traffic citations, your reputation, your wife/parents, etc. keep your urge to drive at speed in check. Are you really wanting to be an on-track driver and not just a spectator, but maybe not quite ready for wheel-to-wheel racing? Then the High Speed Touring Series is for YOU! It's great fun for all motor heads AND you can afford it...read on . . .

HST lets YOU, at modest cost, get lots of seat-time lapping, AT SPEED, in performance-oriented STREET CARS! It's easy to qualify you and your car for HST lapping at the Hallett Circuit. Here's the deal: You must become a member of Hallett High Speed Touring Club ($50 once a year). ANY street-legal car (excluding SUVs, trucks, wagons, vans except by specific permission) can be used WITHOUT normal race prep...no roll cage, no driving suit, no prior competition driving experience are required for this non-race series.

If it is your first time to drive on the Hallett track in this HST series, you are REQUIRED to sign up at least a week in advance and prepare for the Driver Education class ($50 one-time fee). We mail you an interactive high performance driving DVD to study.  There will be a short exam at the track in the 8:30 a.m. DE required classroom.  You will be required to complete a tech sheet, which we spot check at the track when you arrive.

Show up at the Hallett Tower, first floor, before 8 a.m. the day you have entered (The spots are often sold out before the event, so do not delay in sending in the entry form, linked below). All HST drivers are required to attend the 9:00 HST meeting. You must have factory seatbelts, wear a Snell approved safety helmet (rentals are available) and you must wear a long- sleeve shirt and long pants while you drive on track. You'll get FIVE 15-minute on-track sessions per event day for around $150.00 (a super bargain for any major road racing course).  In the DE program you also meet with instructors between sessions. 

That's it...MAX FUN - DRIVE YOUR DREAM!  And FREE photos for the sat/sun six rounds of COMMA/HST

2019 Schedule:  6 rounds of HST

  • DEADLINE for DE Students Registration ONE WEEK prior to the Event.
  • April 5/6/7  CCW(counter clockwise)
  • April 26/27/28   CW(clockwise)
  • June 21/22/23 CW/CW/CCW
  • July 26/27/28 CCW
  • September 20/21/22 CW
  • October 25/26/27 CCW/CCW/CW

Downloadable Forms: