High Speed Touring

About the High-Speed Touring Series:

High Speed Touring at Hallett is your chance to drive your car on a real road race course at an affordable cost.

So you've got a really neat performance car - vintage, modern, exotic or one of the many sporty performance tuner coupes and sedans that are in vogue. And maybe you frequently experience frustrations because you can never really open-up your car to the spirited driving for which you think you and your car are capable. Fear of traffic citations, your reputation, your wife/parents, etc. keep your urge to drive at speed in check. Are you really wanting to be an on-track driver and not just a spectator, but maybe not quite ready for wheel-to-wheel racing? Then the High Speed Touring Series is for YOU! It's great fun for all motor heads AND you can afford it...read on . . .

HST lets YOU, at modest cost, get lots of seat- time lapping, AT SPEED, in performance-oriented STREET CARS! It's easy to qualify you and your car for HST lapping at the Hallett Circuit. Here's the deal: You must become a member of the Competition Motorsports Association (COMMA), our track club ($50 a year). ANY street-legal car (except SUVs, trucks, wagons, vans) can be used WITHOUT normal race prep...no roll cage, no driving suit, no prior competition driving experience are required for this non-race series.

If it is your first time to drive on the Hallett track in this HST series, you are REQUIRED to sign up at least a week in advance and prepare for the Driver Education class ($50 one-time fee). We mail you an interactive high performance driving DVD to study. You must complete a short exam at the track in the 8:30 a.m. DE classroom.

Show up at the Hallett Tower, first floor, before 8 a.m. the day you have entered (The spots are often sold- out before the event, so do not delay in sending in the entry form, linked below). All HST drivers are required to attend the 9:00 HST meeting. You must have factory seatbelts, wear a Snell approved safety helmet (rentals are available) and you must wear a long- sleeve shirt and long pants while you drive on track. You'll get FIVE 15-minute on-track sessions per event day for around $150.00 (a super bargain for any major road racing course).


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